Sirius Pyrotechnics of Mexico!

Sirius Pyrotechnics of Mexico/Sirius Pirotecnia de México 


We are proud to announce the official opening of Sirius Pyrotechnics of Mexico. We were greeted with warm welcomes and large congratulations from all around, and with the opening came one celebration. In these past few months, we have come an extra long way.


We went from this:                                               And this:

Structures just in the early stages of being built, so early in fact, you could almost huff and puff and blow them all down. But now!





To this:

The buildings that house our materials, the same buildings have grown up and become part of our plan. Our plan to help the industry grow.





Many sleepless nights to go around, many hurtles to overcome, and we can say that we’ve done it.

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