History of Sirius Pyrotechnics®


Founded in 1877, Antonio Caballer, S.A. is one of Spain’s most respected names in Fireworks. Established in 2006 by Patrick Brault and Miguel Zamorano Caballer, Sirius Pyrotechnics was originally the Distribution and Competition division of Zamorano Caballer S.A.  The goal of  Sirius  was to combine the history and quality of old world Spain with the cutting edge production values of the new millennium.

Following the death of Miguel in 2009, the economic crash in Spain and the closure of the factory, Sirius had to re-invent itself.  Patrick Brault took over ownership of the company and brought along Kelly James Guille as his partner to continue its adventures.

Sirius was then awarded the Olympics fireworks and pyrotechnics production contract for the Winter Olympics of Vancouver in 2010. Needless to say that it was a huge success for the company.

After this successful monumental task, Sirius then took on both Vulcan Fireworks and Pirofantasia in an exclusivity distribution deal for the Canadian market.

In 2011, Sirius was awarded the Pyrotechnics Production contract for the International Fireworks Festival of Vancouver called “Celebration of Light”.  It is a multi year deal that is currently signed on until 2014.

In 2012, Sirius signed a similar deal with the GlobalFest in Calgary until 2014, also as Pyrotechnics Producer, which establishes Sirius as a major player in Festival organization.

The Future looks bright for Sirius, aptly named for the brightest star in the Sky !