Sirius Pyrotechnics® company


Sirius Pyrotechnics is a Canadian company that has been wowing audiences around the globe since 2005.  With deep roots in the fireworks industry and an exhaustive list of accomplishments, Sirius is an elite pyrotechnics provider.   Through long-term relationships with suppliers and technicians throughout the world, Sirius ensures a complete turn-key solution, providing clients with a unique end-to-end execution of their event.

In addition to its fireworks design, logistics and display execution business, Sirius is also a distributor of fireworks and pyrotechnic supplies.  This unique arrangement allows Sirius to have full access to leading firework factories from Spain, China and the United States giving it the most comprehensive inventory of products in today’s market. Not only does this ensure the best quality  but also opens up the possibility of producing custom made products created for an event’s specific needs.

Sirius is known for making the impossible possible. While challenges are a part of all large scale productions, Sirius’ attention to detail and experience in one-off events ensures a dynamic performance with smooth delivery.

Above all else, Sirius delivers renowned world-class pyro-musical design catered to the target market.  Known for devote themes, intense musical synchronization and passion filled scenes, Sirius’ designers always take control of the audience.  Numerous awards and large scale shows like the 2010 Vancouver Olympics are a testament to this.