Sirius Pyrotechnics® Team members


Company Principals


Patrick Brault, President

Patrick is the heart and soul of the company.  Through the past 20 years Pat has “been there….done that”, yet he keeps an upbeat approach to his work.  Pat has learnt from the master and has added his own flair to create his award winning designs.

With over 25 years of illuminating the world’s skies, Patrick has become Canada’s most renowned fireworks designers on the global stage.  His many titles for his breathtaking displays have earned him respect and envy through the industry.  Having extensive knowledge of both the manufacturing and display aspects of pyrotechnics, Patrick is able to create and deliver the unthinkable.  Patrick’s global contacts and ability to communicate in many languages help ensure his success no matter where he performs.

Patrick’s passion for his work can been seen in his strong artistic strength.  He is known for his ability to synchronize with soundtracks leaving audiences spellbound.  Patrick has worked on world-class events such as the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and F1 Racing.  He has competed and won esteemed industry competitions such as Shanghai International Fireworks Competition, Malaysia International Competition, and “Symphony of Fire” Fireworks Competition in Canada.  Additionally, Patrick has directed and been head of logistics for many large scale events including the “Celebration of Lights” in Vancouver and Les Grands Feux Loto-Quebec in Quebec City.


Kelly Guille, Chief of Awesome

Kelly’s unique title fittingly describes his talents and abilities.  Kelly started his career working at Archangel Fireworks in 1993 and was driven to learn the industry.  He quickly obtained the needed licenses to start producing fireworks displays.  In 2003 he bought all shares of Archangel Fireworks giving him sole ownership of the company which he still owns today.  Kelly is one of the youngest members of the Canadian Pyrotechnic Council, a group dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy pyrotechnic industry in Canada.

Kelly is known for his out-of-the-box approach to themes and musical selection for shows giving audiences a one-of-a-kind experience.  Kelly’s unique approach of storytelling through the medium of fireworks has a dramatic effect on spectators.  This approach has earned him competition wins at Les Grands Feux Loto-Quebec and HSBC Celebration of Lights.  Kelly’s enthusiasm for what he does can be fully appreciated by watching one of his shows.

In addition to his drive, fervour and talent, Kelly is a leader.  He has held the role of Lead Technician and Team Leader at many international events as well as supervisory roles at corporate engagements like Disney on Ice, the Canadian Football League and Ringling’s Barnum and Bailey circus.  His ability to effectively work with new crews on a regular basis contributes to the success of his shows.


Company Partners


Luis Brunchù, Designer and Pyrotechnician

Luis is a pyrotechnic professional born in one of the largest pyrotechnic families in the history of world pyrotechnics: THE BRUNCHU’S.

He has accumulated over 20 years of experience in this profession, initiated through the teachings of his family (artists), increased with his shared work with large Valencian pyrotechnics professionals, and perfected by the constant task of fighting, learning and updating that is required by this profession.

Far has been those days in which accompanying the family, at age 12, he was already learning in small, medium and large shows, inside and outside of his home country, Spain.

His extensive curriculum vitae in the art of pyrotechnics makes him a legend amongst legends.